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Precise identification of details and their interaction in an organization is the only practical solution to reinforce the organization. A doctor cannot diagnose a patient with a disease perfectly and offer the right treatment unless he takes various tests, and interpret them simultaneously. 

The consulting team’s method is very similar to one a doctor has. In the very first step, it takes all details and sections of the organization into account, and with its significant background of knowledge and experience, tries to state the organizational problem and suggest the best solutions for it. This process includes three steps as follows:

  • Understanding and evaluation the organization and its environment

In this part, the specific information related to each section is gathered and analyzed through the exact and precise interviews. The professional activities are diagnosed through application of pre-designed checklists. Also the major issues of the organization are found and analyzed through the interviews with top management and the CEO and the final report will be issued after all data has been processed.


Organizational Complication

Through the internal meeting of the consulting team, the exact and comprehensive analysis of problems for strength and weakness points, and opportunities and threats will be prepared.  As a result, a comprehensive report is delivered to the organization.


  • Offering suggestions

After stating the problems, the consulting team will offer the feasible solutions to management, using its consulting experience and management techniques. These sets of suggestions will show the way to solve the issues and improve the processes.

Since every single organization has specific strength and weakness areas, which contribute to improvement in some parts, and some lacks in others, the consulting team refers to balanced improvement while suggesting solutions to organizations. In other case, the organization will shape in an imbalanced form, which leads to unsuitable intersectional relationships.


The implementation of Comprehensive Management System
  • After the steps of understanding the organization and stating its problems, two parts in offering suggestions will show up:

The movements and directions of great strategy of the organization, including redefining the business, presenting new businesses, hardware and software project improvement, is defined as operational and executive steps.

  • The organizational processes, defined as operational and executive methods, and specific instruction of each unit.
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