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Project Inspection, Inspection during Production, VOC Inspection:

Our skilled specialized inspectors who are profoundly familiar with the kind of products and the standards thereof will perform inspections services for the projects, inspection during production and VOC inspections (Verification of Conformity). Inspectors being in charge to relevant coordination office accordingly will promptly report all inspection activities like visual check, dimensional check, witnessing of various tests, documents review, packing, marking, labeling, etc.

The scope of inspection includes, but is not limited to, the following items

  • Supplier management: Vendor compliance, Continuous improvement, Certification preparation
  • Supplier and factory audits
  • Pre and Post Contract Supplier Appraisal
  • Attending pre-manufacturing meeting
  • Coordination & planning
  • Performing manufacturing inspection activities
  • Witnessing Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Dimensional Examinations
  • Witnessing Factory Acceptance Test activities
  • Final Inspections
  • Reviewing final documentations

Company’s Strategy:

Decomond Group believes that:

  • As a third party Independent Inspection Company, we shall play our role as a connection link between buyers and suppliers;
  • Our inspection certificates shall be a guarantee for conformity of ordered products as per customer’s requirements and technical specifications as well as related standards;
  • Inspection services shall be carried out just on time whenever requested and the inspection results must be promptly announced to all parties concerned without any delay.
  • Customers shall be able to follow up all steps of inspection process related to their order at any time;
  • We shall always be ready to provide the customer with required accurate and rapid inspection services anytime anywhere;
  • Customers expect to be served by inspection companies having adequate facilities and skilled professional staff;
  • Our inspection services shall be performed in such manner that never faces any claims. In case of occurrence of such problems, we take the responsibility to follow up the matter, discover the reality and find out a solution
  • Customers need to be informed of the latest import & export rules and regulations in advance, regarding the scope of inspections to be carried out.
  • Customers’ inspection documents must be considered confidential and shall not be revealed to any third party.

Philosophy of Decamond has been formed based on knowledge and long lasting experience in, concerning problems and solutions of inspection activities. Some of the company’s principles noted above can be considered as the objectives, which have influenced and adjusted the framework of the company’s organization for providing the clients with the highest level of services.


Companies which have been served by us in Technical Inspection field are listed below:

  • Siemens
  • Sepahan Mobarake Steel
  • Esfahan Steel Company
  • Mapna
  • Mashin Sazi Tasha
  • Nikkala
  • Sepahan Indastrial Group APA
  • Gazsoozan API
  • Sanaat Yaran
  • Iran Tire
  • Kian Tire
  • Pars lent
  • Khodro Andishan Pars
  • Rolling MILL & Steel Production Co.
  • Tide Water
  • TASDID Offshore Development Company
  • Mehran Engineering & Well services Co.
  • United Mehran Safety Kish Company
  • Almansoori Mehran Oilfield Services (AMOS)
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