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The consulting team intends to implement the practical management courses along a pragmatic consult. The lack of practical training is obvious during the consulting process and unfortunately, there is no academic training course to cover it.

For this reason, the research and development team of ours is holding the courses after identifying the syllabus and negotiating with academic professors and teachers, and practical experts. The team has also considered the local situation to develop the syllabus. The courses Follow the procedure as:

- Training assessment

- Planning

- Implementation

- Effectiveness 

and contain: market research, cooperative management,  strategic management courses, and job satisfaction. For market management and cooperative management for instance, the local situation of Iran is considered while implementing these training in organizations.

We perform technical training in various industries to provide competence assurance, improved technical skills and operational excellence.

These courses focus on leading topics and factors that the industry faces every day such as:

  • Auditing
  • Quality Managment systems
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